A Radically Different Spin  . . .

Ready for an entirely new way to shop for wine, beer and spirits?  At Hazel’s, we have reinvented the liquor store.  Radically different and locally owned, Hazel’s is a true Boulder original.  One trip to Hazel’s World, and you’ll never want to go back to your old store!

What’s a Beverage World?  A liquor store, of course, but much, much better.  Imagine a store that’s light, bright and clean.  Over 12,000 selections, the largest cooler in Colorado–78 doors filled to the brim with beers macro, micro and everything in between.  Wide aisle after wide aisle of wines from around the world and a climate controlled cellar.  Spirits of every kind, from absinthe to tequila, from bourbon to vodka. And Boulder’s best cigar humidor.  At Hazel’s, we offer the best selection in these parts, all at everyday low prices–prices that are often lower than other stores’ sale prices.

Hazel’s – Same Planet. Different World.

Store Hours – Open Seven Days a Week, 8am – 11:45pm

Address – 1955 28th Street, Boulder, CO 80301

Location – 28th and Pearl on the southwest corner, just across the
street from Target.

Phone – (303) 447-1955

Got Z?

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