About Hazel’s

Not Your Father’s Liquor Store

Why should shopping at the liquor store make you feel like you need to take a shower?  You know what we mean–front window full of tacky posters, neon signs everywhere you look, high shelves, narrow aisles, run-down, dirty and lacking in customer service.   It doesn’t have to be that way.  At Hazel’s, the shopping experience is the polar opposite.  Light, bright, clean and open, low shelves and wide aisles, easy-to-read signage, everyday low prices and plenty of folks happy to help you find what you want.  Hazel’s is proud to offer Boulder County’s largest selection of wine, beer and spirits in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Local and Loving It!

Hazel’s is a Boulder original. We have just one store, and it’s located right here in Boulder at 28th Street and Pearl. We are locally owned and locally managed. We may look polished enough to be a large chain store, but we’re not.  There’s only one Hazel’s, and it’s a uniquely-Boulder entrepreneurial story. Our founder, Bruce Dierking, is a Colorado native and CU alumnus who has been in Boulder over 21 years. Bruce, his wife Carleen and other local residents pooled their money to start this store, creating over 40 local jobs. When you shop at Hazel’s, the dollars you spend stay right here in our community.

We are proud to be a member of the Boulder County Independent Business Alliance (BIBA) and the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.

Hazel’s – Same Planet. Different World.

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